Class of 2020

Greetings Sacred Heart Saints! Class of 2020.
You made it. Congratulations! You have had the most unique collective experience of almost anyone. You have lived through your school closing, a global pandemic and weeks of isolation and online learning. Thank GOD. It's been hard! Yet you persevered. You got it done!  I am proud of all of you.
Now I say, take your beautiful souls, the gifts, talents and the fantastic potential God has given you and make the world a better place. Do this by being a good person, kind to one another, helping one another and forgiving one another!  
I wish you health, happiness and success as you go forward through this turning point in your life to a "New Normal." You will be remembered as the last graduating class of Sacred Heart High School, the Class of 2020!  Now Go and make the Sacred Heart Family Proud! # Saints Forever 2020.          Mrs. Marston

Congrats From Your Teachers

Dear Sacred Heart High School Class of 2020,
This year marks incredible growth and change for all of us.  I dare you to take the biggest challenge, to put away disappointment of what you missed rather look to what you have learned and seen to go forward with honed critical thinking skills.  To succeed in life, we must embrace change, adversity, failure and we need to move forward with faith, hope and love. You are our future leaders.  We are counting on you to lead us into an ever changing world with your actions and christian based values for human life. Stay steadfast to your christian values.  Never has this been more important.  Your christian teachings will form your decisions.  Rely on these truths. Today it is very difficult to seek truth.  Your social media driven generation  has unique challenges.  Remember the smoke and mirrors.   The truth is hidden and it is often not the most popular. Stay true to your faith.  Remember the most successful people have learned to fail is the main ingredient to success. We all's do we get up?  Your christian faith will help you make the hardest of decisions.  That seed of truth is there and you must continue to nurture it.   Lastly, if Sacred Heart High school had to come to end with its graduates, the Class of 2020 could not have been chosen better.  I have seen your kindness.  I have seen your leadership. I have seen christiamity alive and well.  As you move to different pockets of the world I see God's gardens multiplying.  I am so excited to see the great things you will do.  Congratulations to each of you and your families.  I love you all and will ALWAYS keep my beloved students in my prayers.                                        With steadfast love and faith in Jesus, Lynne Ann Murphy  

Congratulations, Class of 2020!
I am praying for all of you during this difficult time and hope to be able to join you to celebrate all of your accomplishments. I wish you all well in your future endeavors. God Bless.  Miss Gillespie

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