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Sacred Heart's student-run newspaper "Heart Beat" covers the most important news from campus and around the world. Our students provide a unique perspective on current events, cultural touchstones, and news and activites from around the school.

"Lingua Franca" is Sacred Heart's student literary magazine. The creativity and talent of our student body is on full display through narrative, prose, poetry, and artwork. Each edition provides an inspiring journey into the minds of our writers and artists, and illustrates one more way in which Sacred Heart students are so well-rounded. 

Both publications are perennial National Scholastic Press Association first-place award winners and have garnered many regional and local accolades as well!

Lingua Franca

Heart Beat

High School Clubs & Activities

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  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a worldwide organization of people around the globe working together to protect the human rights of other people. The Sacred Heart Club has been focusing on Education, Human Rights Awareness and action primarily through Urgent Action Appeals. Students meet together to look at the Amnesty International website and choose an Urgent Action Appeal to focus on for that cycle (week or month). Students then craft their own letter or take a suggested letter from the Amnesty International site. The ultimate aim is to add to the chorus of voices seeking the release of prisoners of conscience, including children who are imprisoned only because of their beliefs, color, gender, ethnicity, or religion and to help end torture and executions that many of these endure.
  • Art Club

    The Art Club is open to all Sacred Heart students and meets twice weekly. Art Club offers visual art experiences for both the serious art student as well as the student who just wants to enjoy and appreciate art. Examples of projects include: printmaking, "paint night" events, ceramics, tie-dye, free drawing, splatter painting, recycled materials art, working on the classroom murals and independent projects. Art club also gets involved with school events, such as face painting and henna tattoos for Homecoming, promoting our school art shows and creating murals/ wall quotes to beautify the school. We turn on some music, have a snack, and create! 
  • Astronomy Club

    Open to grades 7 - 12 , includes regular meetings with discussions about current and major astronomical events, , creation of a newsletter, and Observatory viewing (when weather cooperates!).
  • Chinese Culture & Language Club

  • Chess Club

    Sacred Heart Chess Club understands how chess is like life and life is like chess. We meet weekly, for a fun, competitive, and social time. Each year ends with a tournament to decide the school champion. Chess club is fun and makes us wicked smaaaaaht!
  • Coffee House

    Coffee House shows allow students an open mike opportunity to exhibit talents and passions. Acts include musicians, poetry, speech, comedy, and more.
  • Delta Epsilon Phi

    Students of German who have an appreciation and on-going interest in German language and Culture and have attained a 3.6 average in German and a 3.0 general average in three semesters of study are eligible to be inducted as members into Delta Epsilon Phi, the National Honor Society of High School students of German sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German. It is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German.
  • Games Club

    Game Club members meet to play a variety of games. These include board games like Risk or Monopoly, card games like Magic: The Gathering, classic video games, and pen and paper games like Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Global Ambassadors

  • The Heart Beat

    The Heart Beat is Sacred Heart High School's student newspaper. The staff of the Heart Beat is comprised of seniors who act as journalists and photographers for this long-standing and award-winning publication. Except for the actual printing of Heart Beat issues, all work on the paper is performed by the staff in our high school lab. This includes writing, editing, designing and formatting all articles. The Heart Beat is usually published six to eight times per year and consists of school, local, state and international news. Most, but not all, staff members participate in the high school's Newspaper course which meets every other day. During this class, the fine points of good journalism are reviewed and actual, hands-on issue design is addressed. Copies of each issue can be found at five separate locations on the Sacred Heart School campus as well as on the school website.
  • History Club

    History Club members seek to expand their knowledge of history through experiences beyond the classroom. The club has visited the Yin Yu Tang House at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem Witch Museum, House of Seven Gables, Mayflower II, Plimoth Plantation, New Bedford Whaling Museum and Sea Festival, Lizzie Borden Museum, Newport Mansions, Peter Oliver Historic House, New England Asian Lunar New Year Festival, and a presentation on women accused of being witches at the Pilgrim Hall Museum. The club has also participated in a Boston Ghost Tours ride, and attended the movies, War Horse, Lincoln, and Selma. In school, the club sponsored the 2012 and 2014 Election Debates, a Voter Registration Drive, and recent speakers, Janet Applefield, who discussed her experiences during the Holocaust, and Thomas Downes, who shared his experiences as a soldier in World War Two. The club is open to all students, grades 7-12.
  • La Societe Honoraire de Francais

    In order to be elected to the Societe Honoraire de Francais, students in grades 9-12 must maintain a 90 average or higher for three consecutive terms in French and an academic average of at least a B in other subjects. The French Honor Society's Induction ceremony is held in March. Members are expected to participate in community service projects at Sacred Heart High School, such as the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the fall open houses, and serving as tutors.
  • La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

    This club is comprised of high achieving Spanish students (level 3 or above) and formed to promote cultural and linguistic awareness in our community. To be nominated, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 average. Spanish cultural field trips, restaurants, plays and museums are some of the venues in which students participate.
  • 8th Grade Spanish Book Club

    The Spanish book club is open to Spanish 1B students and meets every 6 weeks to discuss the book read.
  • Latin Honor Society

    The Latin Honor Society serves as a chapter of the National Junior Classical League Honor Society. The Society inducts new members annually who have maintained a grade level of at least A- for two years. Continued membership requires the maintenance of that grade level every semester.
  • Lingua Franca

    Lingua Franca is a literary-art magazine independently produced by Sacred Heart High School’s students. Lingua Franca considers all submissions of literacy or artistic work. Depending on the works’ originality and rhetorical value, submissions are published in the magazine. All members of the magazine staff are part of the editing and layout process. Original artwork and photography that fits in thematically with submitted literature selections are also included. The magazine is published annually.
  • Roots and Shoots

  • We are the World Club

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