Welcome Sacred Heart Parents

Sacred Heart is more than a school; we are an educational community striving to provide an outstanding experience for not only the student, but the entire family. Our preschool to grade 12 system allows for siblings of varying ages to all learn on the same campus. This provides a unique benefit for our younger students who take comfort in knowing that their big brother or sister is only a short walk away. Our continuum also results in many students joining the "Providence Circle"; this is a special group that has spent their entire educational career, from kindergarten to commencement here at Sacred Heart.

Our parents play an integral role in the educational experience. We look to provide a variety of opportunities for parents to actively engage in every facet of their child's time at Sacred Heart. Athletics, music, theatre and art events are a great way for parents to see their child's talents come to life while also discovering new talents. It's amazing to see so many parents at all of our events. It's not only just being at the games, art shows, concerts, and plays but also volunteering their free time to be a part of the team or program with their child. These events show parents what their child has accomplished and how they have grown throughout the year. Students and teachers work very hard to showcase their work to their family and friends.

Intellectual development is a main part of Sacred Heart's core values. We aim to involve parents in their child's development as much as possible throughout their Sacred Heart experience by offering programs, clubs, and events. Programs and clubs such as the National Honor Society and the Debate Team allow parents to come and cheer on their child as they take big steps in their educational journey. Academic events such as Market Day in the elementary school and Science Fairs also allow parents to see what their child has been learning while observing them in their school environment. Parents are also able to see the open communication being implemented by teachers first hand. iParents is a tool for parents to keep up to date with their child's academic progress; to learn more about this tool, click the button on the right side. In the High School, our guidance department does all they can to involve parents in the college advising process and academic advising as a whole. The Sacred Heart guidance counselors endeavor to foster the personal, social, academic, and spiritual growth of each student throughout his/her school career while keeping parents in the loop every step of the way. As a college preparatory school, part of our mission is to prepare students for the next stage in their academic journey, entrance into higher education.

Our main goal is for every student at Sacred Heart to gain as much knowledge, integrity, spirituality, and service as possible throughout their experience here. We are a community and by working together, we can not only make sure your family gets the most value out of your experience here, but also make a lasting impact. 

Important Information

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  • Parent-Teacher Partnership

    Achieving our goals of spiritual development and faith integration, academic excellence, and character development and leadership skills for our students requires a strong partnership between parents and teachers. A successful educational process can only happen through a partnership of mutual respect and common goals.

    Communication is the key and we have to be clear about the expectations we have of each other. While parents are the child's primary educators, teachers are educated professionals and often see students in a different light than parents do. A high level of mutual trust, respect, and support is necessary. We are able to form effective partnerships when both parents and teachers acknowledge that each is trying to do their best with the children.

    Parents may expect teachers to provide quality instruction, to maintain order and discipline in the classroom, individual consideration of each child, updates on students' progress, and communication of any issues. Teachers may expect parents to support school policies, to support teachers' decisions, to help with (not do) homework and assignments, to communicate with the teacher, and to provide the necessary supplies and appropriate uniforms.
  • Send in Your Box Tops and Flip Tabs to SHES

    Please clip “Box Tops for Education” from General Mills products! “Box tops” are collected throughout the year and may be placed in the collection bin located on the lower level near the back door.   Proceeds from the collection of “box tops” will be used to benefit the school or a school-related project.

    Please save your “Flip Tabs” from soda, juice & soup cans. They can be placed in the collection bin located on the lower level near the back door.  Flip tabs support the Ronald McDonald House which provides a temporary home for parents whose children are being treated for cancer, or other serious illnesses.  Approximately $50.00 is realized with each gallon container that is filled. 
    Together we do make a difference!
  • SHES Parent Association

    Kristin Amadon, President  
    Tatum McIsaac, Vice President 
    Vicki Nelson, Treasurer 
    Caitlin Howard, Secretary 
    Mission Statement:
    We are a community of concerned parents, guardians and educators who strive to support traditional values and attitudes through Catholic school education.

    We, as parents, are willing to dedicate our time and services to support the faculty and administrators of SHES/ECC by working together to build a strong Christian community. 
    As the Sacred Heart Parents Association, our mission is to bring together our families in a community of faith that encourages students to act with compassion, to work for a just society, and to pursue opportunities to develop and share their God-given talents in service to society by:

    1. Promoting a sense of community among parents, faculty, staff and the children.
    2. Bringing into closer relationship the home, school and the community, and fostering improved understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of students, parents, faculty and staff.
    3. Encouraging involvement of parents and teachers in the overall spiritual, intellectual, physical and social development of students through volunteer efforts.
    4. Supporting the school by fundraising efforts and anticipating future financial needs.
    Our actions model the Sacred Heart School community’s Core Values of Spirituality, Knowledge, Integrity and Service.
  • SHHS Parent Association

    Officers 2019 - 2020

    Kate Kennedy, President
    Jenn Quelle, Vice President

    Susan Morgan, Treasurer

    Stephanie Clougherty, Secretary

    Meetings 2019- 2020

    Sacred Heart High School Parent Association Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month and can only be successful with your help!  Meetings are held at 8:00am at Sacred Heart High School in the conference room adjacent to the library.  We realize that this isn't convenient for all parents.  Please reach out to one of the committee members by email if you are interested in attending an evening SHHS PA meeting every other month.

    The SHHS PA is all volunteers and needs your help for SUCCESS!
    Please feel free to contact any member of the SHHS PA for any questions or help that you may need throughout the school year.  We look forward to seeing you at our meetings!

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Sacred Heart Parents Association is to support the school in its efforts to create an environment that will secure for all of its students the opportunity to reach their highest potential spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially, by:  
    • promoting an understanding of "community" among parents, faculty, staff and students.
    • strengthening the relationship between the home, the school, and the community.
    • fostering improved understanding of the mutual educational responsibilities of students,   parents, faculty, and staff.
    • encouraging the involvement of parents in the spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social  development of students through volunteer efforts.
    • supporting the scholarship fundraising efforts of the Association as well as the  fundraising activities of the School's Development Office.

Sacred Heart School

High School: 781-585-7511
Elementary School: 781-585-2114 
Early Childhood Center: 781-585-2290
Sacred Heart School is a landmark educational institution on the South Shore. Providing students in preschool to grade 12 a top-tier, private, Catholic education for the last 70 years.