Fashion Focus

Tuesdays (2:30-3:30 PM) for 6 weeks
Dates: January 26th, February 2nd, February 9th, February 23rd, March 1st, March 8th
Grades: 1-6 (will be aimed to reach all age levels)
Max Students: 15 (females only)
Instructor: Maria Wood, Owner of Fashion Focus
Cost: $89 (Make checks payable to Fashion Focus)

Poise, Posture, and Confidence

This class will review the etiquette basics everyone should practice every day like a strong handshake and how to make a proper introduction. More importantly, this class teaches the girls to practice balance and control over their own bodies and advocates acceptance of self. The girls will learn what constitutes good posture and how to use their own body language to project confidence and love the skin they are in.

Manners Matter!

This class will teach the girls the importance of practicing good manners and its effect on their public image. At Fashion Focus, we have found that girls are more confident in themselves when they are confident in their knowledge of what to do in a variety of social situations.

Polished, Put-Together, and Proud

This class will cover how to dress appropriately, but stylishly, in and out of school, how to develop good skincare habits that will last a lifetime, and proper personal hygiene and grooming tips to follow.

Runway to Hallway: Modeling Techniques for Every Day

This class will cover basic modeling techniques that can be implemented in everyday life to reinforce the girls’ sense of self-confidence. The girls will learn how:
  • a smile can brighten their faces and make them appear friendlier and more open to their peers
  • posture is not only a powerful form of body language but also essential to their health
  • it is important to stay poised and in control of their bodies from the runway to the hallway
Health is Beautiful: Nutrition and Exercise Benefits for Every Girl

During this class we will discuss general healthy eating guidelines and how important it is that the girls not compare their bodies to anyone else because every girl is unique and beautiful. We will also discuss the health benefits of regular exercise and creative ways to stay active with friends and family.

A Manner of Speaking: Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

During this class the girls will learn techniques for being an effective public speaker. Before the end of class, each girl will have the opportunity to give a brief speech to the class, practicing these techniques.

Sacred Heart School

High School: 781-585-7511
Elementary School: 781-585-2114 
Early Childhood Center: 781-585-2290
Sacred Heart School is a landmark educational institution on the South Shore. Providing students in preschool to grade 12 a top-tier, private, Catholic education for the last 70 years.