At Sacred Heart, we believe that a student’s kindergarten education lays the foundation for future academic success. Studies show that the quality of learning skills and social competency developed in kindergarten directly impact a student’s overall academic trajectory. This idea, and our belief that every child deserves an opportunity to receive the highest quality education, has led us to develop this new program that recognizes the investment our families are making in Early Childhood Education.

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  • Q How does it work?

    The Affordable Foundation program offers families a discounted kindergarten tuition based on the investment they’ve made in Sacred Heart preschool and pre-kindergarten. Families will be eligible for a discount of 30% of the total amount they invested in preschool and pre-k up to $3,600 which is 40% of Kindergarten tuition.
    For example:
    Student 1 (Enrolled in Sacred Heart Preschool and Pre-K)
    Preschool and Pre-K Tuition paid year to date: $9,697
    Eligible assistance upon enrollment in kindergarten:
    $9,697 x 30% = $2,909
    Student 2 (Enrolled in Sacred Heart Pre-K Only)
    Pre-K Tuition paid year to date: $5,930
    Eligible assistance upon enrollment in kindergarten:
    $5,930 x 30% = $1,779

    “Paid tuition” is defined as tuition actually paid by the family as of the start of kindergarten. Credit is not given for financial aid awarded, discounts awarded, or any other adjustments made to the PS and Pre-K tuition amounts. Amounts paid for anything other than tuition are not included. All prior tuition must be paid before the start of kindergarten in accordance with school policy.

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