Sacred Heart High School welcomes students from all over the world to our school community. Some of our International students enroll at Sacred Heart with the goal of graduating from our high school and then attending a college or university in the United States. Other students participate in a cultural exchange program and enroll for a year or for one semester, then return to their home country to complete their high school program.

Sacred Heart High School is a SEVIS approved school and currently enrolls International students from China, South Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Mexico. We work with several partner agencies that are responsible for the home-stay arrangement for the students, placing and monitoring the students' host family situations.

At our school, EduBoston is our exclusive partner agency for the placement of students from China. If you are a student from China interested in exploring Sacred Heart High School, please apply through You will find a detailed application process on their website. For more information, you may also email Mrs. Elisa Lellios, Assistant Director of Admissions at EduBoston or call her at 617-254-1117.

Sacred Heart High School also works with other partner agencies for the placement of students from other countries. For more information about cultural exchange programs in the United States, contact STS Education or International Experience.

Host Family Information

For information about becoming a host family for a student from China, please email Sarah DiFazio, or call 857-498-0311.

For information about becoming a host family for a student from another country, please email Admissions at Sacred Heart High School, or call 781-585-7511, ext. 338.

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