Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program is geared to all students interested in art. Classes accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced students. All students, no matter what their experience level with art have an opportunity to build on their skills and broaden their creativity. Teaching methods incorporate the National Art Education Standards to advance students’ skills, understanding, and creativity.

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  • Advanced Studio Art (761)

    In this course, limited to juniors and seniors, students are to work towards finding their own personal direction in art by further developing their individual abilities and interests. Students are encouraged to develop their own goals and project proposals for the year. In this course, students will create a portfolio through both assigned and independent projects that demonstrates mastery of concept, composition, and execution by addressing the three components of a portfolio: quality, breadth, and concentration. Sketchbook required. (Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting and/or Instructor’s approval). (1/2 credit)
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  • Art 7 (711)

    Grade 7 Art is designed for beginner and intermediate artists who want to develop a range of drawing, painting and sculpting skills by exploring various techniques and materials. Students will also be re-introduced to the traditional

    techniques and media they have learned in previous art classes. Important artists and art movements both from history and contemporary times will be incorporated into lessons. This is a course in which students will learn the elements of art in lessons that involve both imaginative processes and observation. Sketchbook required.
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  • Art 8 (721)

    8th Grade Art is designed for both beginner and intermediate artists who want to develop a range of drawing, painting, and sculpting skills by exploring various techniques and materials. This course offers a large variety of projects, including: celebrity portraiture, painting with watercolor and acrylic paints, drawing with pastels, charcoal, and pencils, and food/ recycled junk sculptures. Students will also be given an opportunity to use clay. Sketchbook required.
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  • Drawing & Painting (741)

    Drawing & Painting is a course designed for sophomores and juniors (at the introductory and intermediate level of art) who want to develop a broad range of drawing and painting skills by exploring various techniques and materials. The first half of the course is dedicated to building on drawing skills while the second half of the course focuses on painting. Drawing lessons will include contour drawing, observational drawing, figure drawing, perspective, portraiture, and imaginative compositions, among others. Painting lessons will include color theory, both watercolor & acrylic paints, a variety of painting styles and a study of influential artists and art movements. All lessons will incorporate the elements of art and the principles of design. Sketchbook required. (1/2 credit)
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  • Graphic Art (701)

    Graphic Art is an introductory course on graphic art and design. Graphic art includes a broad range of art forms, such as visual arts, typography and page design. The combined use of these art forms (in order to produce a graphic art product that communicates an idea or message) will be explored in this course. This course emphasizes the creative process involved in solving visual and conceptual problems. Students will gain basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Adobe InDesign computer programs. (1/2 credit)
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  • Introduction to Digital Photography (760)

    Introduction to Digital Photography is an introductory course that explores the practice of seeing with a photographic eye by exploring process, perspective, inspiration, and artistic expression. This course introduces students to the photographic medium and its history in order for students to develop their own personal vision and dialogue with photography. Students will gain a technical competency in digital camera features, as well as computer software to produce digital imagery. Students will be required to maintain a portfolio of their work. Digital camera or camera phone required. Grades 9-12 (1/2 credit)
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  • Modern Art History (751)

    This course will include art from the birth of Impressionism to contemporary art. This is an interesting study of the thought provoking, often shocking styles of the avant-garde and insights on our century and culture. (1/2 credit)
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  • Studio Art (732)

    Studio Art is designed primarily for 9th grade students (at the introductory level of art) who want to build on their drawing, painting and sculpting skills by exploring various techniques and materials. Students will experience art - making through imaginative processes and through observation. Students will also gain experience with elements of photography, collage and computer programs in art. All lessons will incorporate the elements of art and the principles of design. Sketchbook required. (1/2 credit)
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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts curriculum teaches professionalism and self-confidence through a program specifically designed to enhance student’s skill levels in music, theatre, and speech/debate. Its primary focus is to expose students to music and theatre fundamentals that create, that teach, that inspire; to instruct the analytical, the verbal and the argumentative skills associated with critical thinking and self-expression; to offer venues to the histories and celebrations of the masters, from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to Andrew Lloyd Weber, from Aristotle to Ntzoke Shange, from John Locke to Ayn Rand. For in the words of John Dryden, the arts are “a just and lively image of human nature, representing passions and humors, and changes of fortune... for the delight and instruction of mankind.”

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  • Advanced Speech (754)

    Students will engage in individual and group assignments involving reading and memorizing pieces. Additional emphasis will be utilized in minimum prep assignments such as radio broadcasting, extemporaneous and impromptu speeches. While the bulk of the curriculum involves individual skills, there will be group work such as, multiple reading, television news teams, and duo work. Students will explore various out -of- school opportunities such as the Lion’s Club Speech competition and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Voice of democracy (VOD) competitions with scholarships awards. Additionally, there may be opportunities for participation at various school programs that require advanced skills as MC duties, holiday assemblies, and demonstrations. (1/2 credit) (9-12)
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  • Argumentation & Debate (726)

    Welcome to the world of words, where you can learn for yourself why the pen and
    one’s own ability to speak, is mightier than the sword. Students will engage in assignments such as; Group Discussion: where students square off with one another to find solutions to current problems. Through reasoning, research, and persuasive skills, participants will try to provide the best solution. Extemporaneous Speaking: armed with research and allowed preparation time, students talk about the major issues of the day and try to convince us that their argument is the strongest.
    Public Forum Debate: beginning with a hotly contested topic, two debate partners will face off against another team, each side taking a different position. Through wit, speaking, and listening skills, the best team wins. This is but a sampling of what awaits you in the ultimate clash between two sides that both believe they have won. (Prerequisite Speech 725) (Grade 8)
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  • Chorale II (734)

    This course is open to members of the high school. All musical selections are chosen to maximize student development in tone, rhythm, diction, ear-training, sight-reading, and interpretation.  Students study basic theory, notation, and sight reading. Attendance at the two major concerts is mandatory. Students are required to purchase the Chorale performance outfit through Land’s End.  (Prerequisite: prior chorus instruction at a beginner level)  (1/2 credit) (9-12)
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  • Chorus 7 & 8 (714)

    The chorus is a performing group restricted to members of in grades 7 and 8. Through a varied repertoire, students experience the enjoyment and discipline required of a performer; students study basic theory, notation, and sight reading. Attendance at the two major concerts is mandatory. (7 & 8)
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  • Honor Choir (716)

    This course is open to students who have previous chorale experience and demonstrate intermediate/advanced vocal skill as well as dedication to choral singing. Students will master their vocal technique, music literacy, and be introduced to a wide spectrum of choral literature. The selections of repertoire will maximize the development of choir tone and outstanding performance skill. All students will be encouraged to audition for

    Regional and All State Festivals. Accepted students will have the opportunity to sing with other talented peers and work under the direction of well-known conductors. (1/2 credit) (9-12)
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  • Introduction to Speech (725)

    Students will study essay and orations past and present; they will learn to write essays of their own, learn tips on how to speak in front of the class, Students will learn to create thoughts and arguments based on current events, learn research techniques and written communication skills. (Grade 7)
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  • Music Theory (729)

    Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of the musical nomenclature. Through the program students will get the knowledge of the notation of western music; study the concept of rhythm; time signature; key signature; interval; learn major/minor scales structure; chord types and chord functions identified by name and Roman numbers. (1 credit) (9-12)
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  • Public Speaking (727)

    Are you afraid of speaking in public? Do you feel yourself getting warm, break into a sweat, feel like you want to run out of the room and fearful that you will be called on in class? Admit it…speaking in front of your class or a group can be downright scary. That makes you a perfect candidate for the Speech Survival kit. This class is designed for high school level students who have never taken a speech or debate class. Learn tips that will help you overcome anxiety you may feel when speaking in public. This course will help prepare you for college and job interviews, listening skills, communicating in small and large group environments, and other practical tools that will develop self-confidence. (1/2 credit) (9-12)
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  • Theater Performance (738)

    You may be very comfortable on stage and consider yourself a "veteran" performer. Then again you may have limited acting experience, or even no experience. Well, this course could be just the thing for all of you. Planned activities include: Monologues, Duo performances and Group Acting. At the end of each quarter, the class will create a 10 minute play or plays (depending on class size). Students will learn the differences between comedy, drama, melodrama and other forms of acting, including musicals. The entire class can have an opportunity at being a cast member of Sacred Heart's annual fall musical and/or a 40 minute winter one act contest play. Grades 9-12 (1/2 credit)
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  • Theater Production (737)

    The course is designed to provide training and support to students who wish to become more familiar and confident within the world of theatre. Sacred Heart produces two major theatrical events each year. Such a course would serve as a companion piece to those performances allowing students the in-school opportunity to learn about how to successfully audition, learn about state movement, the role of the Director, State Manager and other essential roses such as makeup, costuming, props, sets and more. A large portion of student performers should be drawn from this program, allowing the Director more time to work with the creative aspects of the play/musical. Students would be required to serve in some capacity with one of the theatre productions. Grades 9-12 (1/2 credit)
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