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Welcome to the Skills Program With Mrs. Schaub

This program at Sacred Heart involves screening of all students in grades K-4 using an assessment called AIMSweb. The AIMSweb screening measures are a form of "Wellness Checks” of reading and math development and are given at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. These are quick assessments that serve as indicators of educational performance and identify students who may benefit from additional programming.  The results will also assist teachers in tailoring instruction to the particular needs of their students. 

Some students will receive specific instruction in a small group setting with Mrs. Schaub. These sessions will focus on basic skills of reading and/or math in order to provide your child with the foundations necessary to become a successful student. Although I will be in close communication with your child's teacher, this program should not be viewed as tutoring or extra help with classroom materials.  Instead, it is specific development of skills that are identified as lacking as well as progress monitoring to ensure that these students are progressing at a rate which will allow them to succeed in the classroom.  Other students' progress may be monitored more often than the three times a year, but may not come to group every day.  Our program is tailor-made so that every student at Sacred Heart can be a success!  

Please do not hesitate to email me at any time if you have questions about the Skills Program or about your child's language, reading or math development!

Important Items

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  • Fun and Educational Videos

  • Mrs. Schaub's Favorite Apps

    Search for these great Apps using your phone or tablet's app. store!
    Native numbers
    My favorite! free, teaches number sense

    Subitize Tree

    Line 'em up
    free, great for early number sense

    Math drills lite
    free, math facts with strategies

    Bedtime Math

    Grade1,2,3 math

    Alien Buddies
    ages 3-7, $2.99, letter/number recognition

    PopMath Maths Plus
    $.99, practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts

    Glow Burst
    free and $.99 versions--number sequence speed game

    Telling Time
    Free (by King's Apps)--works on telling time, using number sense, adding and subtracting minutes

    Make Change
    $1.99--money game

    Counting money (by King's Apps)
    free, kids have to tap the coins to add them up to a given amount

    Fraction Basics
    free, basic to more complex fraction practice
    Audio books, Tumblebooks,

    Bob Books Reading Magic
    free, great for beginner readers, 4 levels
    cute activities and videos

    Hooked on Phonics

    Montessori Rhyme Time

    Long Vowels Word Study

    Short Vowels Word Study
    Read More

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