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     February has arrived and we are celebrating the 100th day of school on Tuesday, February 7th.  We will be sharing our 100's Day poster and trading our ten bags on Tuesday.

      I want to remind parents to label all uniform pieces.  We will be going out for recess each day if possible, so please make sure your child has a hat and gloves.

     It has been wonderful to see so many students working on the
Kahn Academy and Xtramath sites.  Everyone is doing a great job practicing their facts as well.  Keep working hard!

     We have been investigating Pebbles, Sand and Silt in our second FOSS science kit.  Students have been observing the properties of lava rocks and testing rocks for hardness.  Soon we will experiment with rock mixtures.

     We are completing Topic 8  in Math this month.  This topic has focused on time and money.  Please continue to practice counting coins and telling time with your child at home.  Thank you for your support in helping your child learn and return their vocabulary math ring.  It will go home at least once during each topic that is taught in class.  This is the last topic in the first volume of the series and your child will be given the second book of the series this month.  

      We will finish the fourth unit in our Pearson Reading Program this month.   We have been exploring our changing world.    Each of the five stories in this unit focus on changes in our environment and how we explain those changes.  Each week the book will go home for your child to read the story aloud to you.  Look for your child to soon be bringing home a biography to read aloud to you.  This will begin our study of famous people and it coicides well with the final story in Unit 3, A Weed Is A Flower.  This a biography about George Washington Carver.  Students will read their biography at home and create a poster and speech in class to present of their famous person.
     This month we will be learning about Geography in our Social Studies curriculum.  We have learned about our community and are now learning about our state, country, continent and land forms all over the Earth.  

     If you have any questions, please email me at

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