Mrs. Dillon's Classroom Community Rm. 103

Dear Parents,

The end of the school year is approaching quickly. The children have done a wonderful job with all of their book reports. They will be ending the year with a book report on poetry.

The children have learned a lot about the different cultures around the world through the Reading Street program. They love comparing their own lives to the children’s in other countries.

In the enVision math program we just began a new unit on fractions. Please continue to encourage your child to practice division and multiplication facts at home.

Using the FOSS science program the children have started studying the structures of life.  The children are very excited about hatching the chicks! We will move onto adaptations for different animals. This will be helpful for our upcoming field trip to the Roger Williams Zoo.  

In Social Studies the children will continue to learn about immigration and migration. They will be presenting their family history to the class.

Many of the children are in need of some school supplies. Please check with your child to make sure that they have crayons, scissors, pencils, and glue sticks.

Also, we are in need of Lysol wipes and paper towels for end of the year clean up. If you could send either of those in that would be wonderful!
May Reminders:

May 3rd- Fiesta Lunch- Wear red, white, and green
May 4th- Crazy Hat Day- Pay $1
May 5th- Ice Cream Sale
May 10th- Book Fair/Pizza Lunch
May 11th – Donnelly’s Measuring
May 17th- Early Dismissal @ 11:20 PM/ No Uniform Day
May 24th- May Crowning

Important Items

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  • Classroom News

    Dear Parents,

    It’s hard to believe that we are already into the month of October. Third grade has been working hard in all subject areas. This month will also be a busy month for the children.
    In reading the children have been working hard. They have learned a lot about sequencing events and comparing and contrasting. The children have also been reading a variety of genres in the reading series. Don’t forget that the children will also be working on a book report this month. Keep encouraging your child to read their mystery book.

    In math the children have been moving quickly through the Envision Math program. We have learned about the various properties of addition, how to add mentally, and estimate sums and differences. Please feel free to review these topics on Pearson with your child. The next topic will cover adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers.

    In Social Studies that children have been discussing different types of communities and have been “visiting” various communities throughout the US.

    The children absolutely love the new FOSS Science program. The children will be continuing with matter and motion throughout the month of October.
    In English the children have been working on their Bio Poems. They have also been learning different types of sentences and subjects and predicates.
  • My Homework

    Homework will be given Monday-Thursday in the areas of reading, spelling, and math. If you have any questions about homework, please feel free to e-mail me. 
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