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The scholars in Room 209 have been  putting forth tremendous effort throughout the day.  We are working on mastering organizational and time management skills.  Students are keeping a monthly calendar to ensure that long term assignments and projects are being completed.  Also, they are responsible for  recording nightly assignments in their agendas as they are posted on the homework board.  

The fine citizens in my class have signed our Class Constituion.  I would like to report that  they  have been abiding this compact. I implement The Responsive Classroom.    This way of teaching emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community.  There are 10 classroom practices in which I implement into my instruction.
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  • MATH

    Our math series is enVisionmath 2.0.  Students are presently working on the topic of Algebra:  Cooordinate Geometry.  Our math block is 90 minutes each morning.  In addition to enVision I incorporate additional activities into my daily instruction. 

    My mathematicians complete daily problem solving warm-ups.  The include problem-solving practice using the following strategies:
    a.  number & operations
    b.  measurement
    c.  data analysis & probability
    d.  algebra
    e.  geometry

    Each warm-up takes about 10-15 minutes for reading, interpreting, and solving the problem.  I recommend students work with a partner or small group during class.  
    I teach and model each strategy.  The strategies include:
    a.  creating an organized list
    b.  making a tree diagram
    c.  working backwards
    d.  using simpler numbers
    e.  using logical reasoning

    Also, the mathematicians in my class focus on math fluency--solving problems effortlessly and rapidly.  This promotes greater self-confidence in their math skills as well as everyday practice to succeed in testing situations.  They solve problems in every key area of 6th grade math insturction that includes:
    a.  computation
    b.  number senese
    c.  reading graphs
    d.  problem solving
    e.  patterns and sequence
    f.  dta analysis and probability
    g.  spatial reasoning
    h.  fractions
    i.  algebra and functions
    j.  geometry

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    The students set an individual math goal for the year.  They will follow their plan and work on an area of weakness.  They have been instructed to follow the links to enhance their skillls with KHAN Academy.
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    KHAN Academny
    Math Antics
    Pearson Realize 2.0
  • Overview of Homework in 209

    Students are required to use their daily planner and record assignments.  Also, they have been guided to utilize the monthly calendars to plan and schedule for long-term assignments.  This is quite useful in effective time management.  

    Each Thursday all corrected work will be sent home with your child.  

    I am encouraging 20-30 minutes of reading each evening.  Students will complete Independent Reading Activities. (IRA's)
  • Reading & Language Arts

    Our whole class reading is Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry. This title is a John Newbery Award winner.  The story is set mainly in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1943.  It is a time when war is raging through Europe and parts of Asia.  German forces, commanded by Adolf Hitler, have invaded the lands around Germany, and Japan is attacking nations in the Pacific.  Great Britain, France and later the United States join forces to stop the aggression.  This novel is full of suspense and tension from the viewpoint of Annemarie, a 10 year old child who shows the true meaning of courage.  This histroical novel is the story of two ten-year-old girls and the hardships they face while their country is occupied by German Nazis.  In a much broader sense, it is a story of the entire Danish nation and its people.  

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  • Science

    The Sun, Moon, and Planets Module has four investigations that focus on Earth's place in the solar system.  In this "hands-on" kit, students will:
    *  Observe and compare shadows during a school day.
    *  Relate the position of the Sun in the sky to the size and orientation of an object's shadow.
    *  Use physical models to explain day and night.
    *  Record observations of the night sky.
    * Observe and record changes in the Moon's appearance every day for a month.
    * Analyze observational data to disover the sequence of changes that occur during the Moon's phase cycle.
    * Record and display the organization of the solar system graphically.
    * Identify several constellations as stable, predictable patterns of stars.

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Our whole class reading novel is Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry.  This title is a Newbery Award winning historical novel that addresses the issues of racism, courage, and altruism. 

Setting:  Copenhagen, Denmark in 1943, during the drkest days of the Nazi occupation.

Conflicts:  The chief conflict is that betweeen the Danish people and their Nazi occupiers.  The efforts of the Johnsen family to rescue the Rosens are a microcosm of the Danes' brave and unyielding resistance to the Germans.

Resolution:  Despite several close calls, the Rosens are transported safely to Sweden, but both Lise Johnasen and her fiance, Peter, sacrifice their lives while serving in the anit-Nazi Resistance.

Themes:  In the face of overwhelming evil, ordinary people--even a ten-year old like Annemarie-can still embody the virtues of decency, bravery, and self-sacrifice and updhold the possibility of a better world.  

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