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Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! I am eagerly looking forward to teaching your children and getting to know every one of my students and to meeting you. Our days and weeks will be filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing. Please know and feel reassured that when your child enters the doors of Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center every morning that he or she will be well taken care of in a very safe and comfortable environment conducive to learning. We will work together; school and home, to ensure a fun, yet productive and wonderful Kindergarten year. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or suggestions. My email address is

May/June 2017 
English Language Arts:  
Kindergarten students will finish unit 5; “Going Places”, and will review concepts of comparing and contrasting, plot, and main idea.  We will also focus on the recognition, sound, and formation of the letters U u, V v, Z z, Y y, and Q q. Sight words for this unit will be “where” and “come”.  The final unit for the year is Unit 6 “Putting It Together” which will focus on the question “What Are Different Ways of Building?”  While this unit does have new and different stories, as well as a new theme, it serves as a review or culmination of the letters, concepts, and sight words that were learned throughout the school year.  Page two has a review of our sight words.  We will use KIBO to retell some of the stories and portray various characters from this unit.
During the months of May and June the children will continue to explore the following concepts:       
Measurement – Students will compare objects by length, height, capacity, and weight. 
Sorting, Classifying, Counting, and Categorizing Data – Students will learn how attributes can be identified and used to sort objects.  They will also learn how to collect data and represent that data on a picture graph. 
Identifying Shapes – Students will review and describe two dimensional shapes as well as learn about three dimensional shapes and their surfaces. 
Review – A review of key concepts such as counting to 100, recognizing numbers to 50, and a review of both addition and subtraction concepts will complete our year in Math.
Through our lessons, activities and stories, the children will learn that God chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son and that Mary loved God very much.  This month we will also honor Mary, the Mother of Jesus by attending the “May Crowning” celebration at the Elementary School on Wednesday, May 24th. 
The Sacred Heart Kindergarten traditional “End of the Year” Mass will be celebrated at the ECC on Friday, May 19th at 1:00 PM.  Parents are invited.  (See Invitation Note)
Lessons will also focus on the fact that Jesus is their friend who is always with them.  The children will learn that if you want to have a good friend, you have to be a good friend.
Personal Safety Program:
During May and June we will continue lessons in our Personal Safety Program that teach about safe and unsafe touches.
Lessons and activities will center around mini-units on the lifecycles and habitats of new life happening all around us.  Turtles, butterflies, frogs, and birds, are a few examples.  In addition, we will explore ocean life and culminate our learning with a class field trip in June. (More information to follow)
Physical Education
w/ Mr. McCabe
(Gym Uniform & Sneakers)
Mystery Reader
w/ Mrs. Mathias
w/ Señora Balaschi
w/ Mrs. Paine
S.A.T.                  “Sister Angela Time”

K2 Kinder Kids!!

Important Items

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  • Classroom News

    Mystery Reader Program:
    This entails parents volunteering to come in as a surprise reader on Wednesday afternoons from 1:55-2:15pm (your child will be dismissed to you at this time if you wish). You must have a CORI form completed! At 1:50pm, check in with Mrs. Downey in the main office. In the past, Mystery Readers have kept their visit a secret so that it is a surprise to the entire class, including your child! Shhh! Don’t tell them you are coming in to read! You can come in with 1 to 3 of your own books or I can provide the books. I also have many audio books if you would be more comfortable holding up the book and the children can listen to the CD. Signups can be done by sending me a note or email with the date(s) in which you are available to read and I will get back to you.
    SAT- Sister Angela Time:
    All classes will be involved interactively using music/movement, stories, videos/DVDs, etc. which correlate with themes, subject content, seasonal topics once a week.

    Parties by parents/guardians should be planned outside of school hours. 
    Birthday/social invitations are not given out at school, unless given out to the whole
    class.  Addresses and phone numbers of Sacred Heart Elementary and Early Childhood
    Center families are not publicized by the school, or given out over the phone.  Family
    Directories are published by the Parents Association.  Inclusion in the directory is
    with parent/guardian permission.  Students are allowed a “No Uniform Day” on their
    birthday.  Also, please note that no food items should be brought into the classrooms
    due to food allergy concerns.  
  • Math Program

    Kindergarten math program:
    Topic 1 One to Five
    Topic 2 Comparing and Ordering 0-5
    Topic 3 Six to Ten
    Topic 4 Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0-10
    Topic 5 Numbers to 20
    Topic 6 Numbers to 100
    Topic 7 Understanding Addition
    Topic 8 Understanding Subtraction
    Topic 9 Composing and Decomposing Numbers to 10
    Topic 10 Composing Numbers 11-19
    Topic 11 Decomposing Numbers 11-19
    Topic 12 Measurement
  • My Homework

  • My Links

    The web links provided below is a good resource for you when doing research for homework assignments or specific class topics. The links are organized by groups for easy reference. Simply click on the link title to go to the website.
    Starfall: A great emergent literacy website
    This is the link to our Reading and Science programs.

    Envisions - Pearson
    Our mathbook website

    God Loves Us - Loyola Press
    Our Religion website

    Fun Links:
    Fun Brain
    AAA Math

    Helpful Links:
    Scholastic Book Order

  • Mystery Reader

    Dear Families,
    K-2 will be starting our “Mystery Reader” program. This entails parents volunteering to come in as a surprise reader on Monday afternoons from 1:50-2:15pm (your child will be dismissed to you at this time if you wish).
    You must have a CORI form completed! At 1:50pm, check in with Mrs. Downey in the main office. In the past, Mystery Readers have kept their visit a secret so that it is a surprise to the entire class, including your child! Shhh! Don’t tell them you are coming in to read!
    You can come in with 1 to 3 of your own books or I can provide the books. I also have many audio books if you would be more comfortable holding up the book and the children can listen to the CD. Signups can be done by sending me a note or email with the date(s) in which you are available to read and I will get back to you.
    17, 24, 31
    7, 14, 21, 28
    5, 12
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  • Practicing High Frequency Words

    How to practice high frequency words at home:
    • Paper Plate Toss:  Write sight words on paper plates.  Use like Frisbees to throw after reading the word.
    • Concentration:  Make a duplicate set of word cards and play “Concentration”
    • Go Fish: With a duplicate set of word cards play “Go Fish”
    • Tic-Tac-Toe:  Write words in the tic-tac-toe spaces.  Take turns selecting a space to read.  If read correctly, an X or O is placed on the space until someone wins.
    • Word-O:  This is played just like BINGO.  Fill in a card with the words that you are working on. Call out the words and mark the spaces.  The first one with a card covered calls out the word “WORDO”!
    • Word Hunt:  Look for target words in books or in the newspaper.  If using the newspaper your child can highlight or circle the word ring words that he/she finds.
    • SNAP:  You put the sight words you want them to practice on flash cards and put the flash cards into a jar.  Also, you write the word SNAP! on a few flashcards and put them in the jar also.  The kids can play in partners or in groups of 3 or 4.  They take turns pulling a card out of the jar.  If they can say the word on the card automatically with no struggle, they get to keep the card.  If they struggle, they have to put it back.  If they pull out one of the cards that says SNAP! they have to put back all of the cards they’ve drawn.
    • Play coin toss – put words on the floor – children take turns to toss a coin onto a word and say that word.
    • Play “who am I?” – For example, I rhyme with bed, I have 3 letters, and I end in “d”.
    • Children go outside and practice writing their words with chalk on the concrete.
    • Flashlight words – turn off lights.  Tape words on the wall or ceiling.  Use the flashlight to shine on the word then read.
    • Children make their own word wall/dictionary using photocopied small sight word and scrapbooks labeled with a letter of the alphabet on each page…can be added to throughout the year.
    • Make words using playdough
    • Beat the Clock – how many times can a word be written in 1 minute, etc.
    • Play “Stepping Stones” – place words on the floor and children walk over them saying the word as they go to get the other side of the stream.  Make words using letter tiles – scrabble pieces.
    • Make words using stencils
    • Make words using alphabet stamps
    • Make words using magnetic letters
    • Delicious Words – write your words in whipped cream, peanut butter, or anything you can eat
    • Good Clean Words – write your words in shaving cream on a counter or some other surface that can be cleaned safely.
    Kindergarten High Frequency Words
    Unit 1
    I    am    the    little    a    to
    Unit 2
    have    is    we    like    my    he    for
    Unit 3
    me    with    she    see    look    they    you    of
    Unit 4
    are    that    do    one    two    three    four    five    here    go    from 
    Unit 5
    yellow    blue    green    what    said    was    where    come
    Unit 6
    here    do    little    with    what    where    is    go    that    come    the    was    to   like    from  for    of    my    we    yellow    have    they    four    two    blue    you   said    see    look    three
  • Scholastic Reading Club

    Growing readers starts with finding the right books.

    The Scholastic Reading Club is the only place to find hand-selected books just right for every reader at every reading level. 

    Plus every book you buy through the reading club gives back to the classroom and helps teachers build classroom libraries that keep kids excited about reading. 

  • Shutterfly

    This is our classroom photo website where you'll find pictures of our daily happenings and special events that I know you will enjoy looking at throughout the year! 
    NEW K2 Classroom Pics!
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  • Subject Summary

    October Subject Summary

    Mathematics - Envision-Kindergarten Curriculum by Pearson Co. introduces children to numbers, what number quantities look like as well as how to recognize number patterns and numbers in everyday situations. 
    Our first unit will focus on counting and cardinality. We will be introducing #0-10 through counting, recognition, writing, comparing and ordering. In addition, as we learn about fall/harvest, we will be massing, graphing, sorting and measuring using apples and mini-pumpkins.
    English Language Arts - We have begun our Reading Program, Reading Street by Scott Foresman. Our first unit is “All Together Now”. Over the next several weeks, our class will be reading about and discussing the concept of living, working and playing together. Throughout this unit, we will be discussing the times, places and ways in which we spend time together with other people. 
    The guiding question for this unit is “How do we live, work and play together?”  As we focus on this question at school, take opportunities to emphasize it at home as well. Use conversational opportunities during meals, playtime and car rides to talk with your child about the concept of living and working together. 
    We will continue to work on activities for recognition of upper and lower case letters, printing first names using lower case letters. We will work to learn both sound and formation of the letters Mm and Tt. This month’s sight words will include: I, am, the, little, a, and to. 

    Religion - Our Kindergarten Religion series by Loyola Press is called God Loves Us.   The program integrates scripture and doctrine in each lesson to help the children relate the richness of our Catholic faith to their everyday lives.  The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) will be introduced.
    In September, the children were made to feel welcome in class and to understand that Jesus welcomes and loves all children.  In October, the children will be introduced to the Bible as God’s holy book and listen to the story of Jonah.  We will be discussing that prayer is talking with God and that talking to God is good.
    We will also begin our Personal Safety Cards including Bicycle/Helmet Safety, Traffic Safety, Seat Belt and Fire Safety.
    Science – Kindergarten students have already been introduced to “Kibo”, our classroom robot.  They are becoming familiar with the parts of a robot as well as simple programming skills.  Our Science lessons follow the Foss (Full Option Science System) program which engages the children to actively participate in scientific, hands-on investigations and practices.  
    Our first section is Trees and Weather, where the children will take nature walks around our school and observe the changes of the fall season and document then in their Science notebooks.  Apples and Pumpkin life cycles will also be explored during science lessons.
    Social Studies - Fun activities and lessons regarding Fire Safety will be introduced during Fire Safety Week- October 9th through the 15th.   We hope to have a visit from the Kingston Fire Department and learn about Fire Fighters.  We will talk, learn (and hopefully meet!) a member from one of our area Police Departments to help us learn about safety. 
              If you know a professional who would like to visit our Kindergartners, please contact Sister Angela.
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  • Wishlist

    We are always in need of:

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
    Paper towels
    Antibacterial wips
    Alcohol-free liquid hand sanitizer
    Hand wipes
    Kid-friendly magazines for letter/sight word searches
    Old keys, phones, scrap paper, 100-piece puzzles and any other items you think the children would like to use in our classroom

    Thank You!

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