Junior Mary Kelley Receives High Honors in WordWright Challenge in February

Senior Mary Kelley has earned high honors in the most recent WordWright Challenge, a competition for American high school students requiring close reading and analysis of many different forms of prose and poetry.

Mary performed greater than 99% among the 65,000 high school students from 48 states who entered the challenge. The premise of the WordWright Challenge is that attentive reading and sensitivity to language are among the most important skills students acquire academically. Students are challenged with analyzing texts that range from short fiction to poetry and by authors contemporary or from the far past.
Questions posed by the WordWright Challenge ask students to both recognize the emotional and/or rational logic of a piece of writing and to observe the ways in which a writer’s style shapes and shades meaning.

“Congratulations to Mary for her outstanding performance in the WordWright Challenge,” said Sacred Heart High School Principal Dr. Michael Gill, extending thanks to English teacher Winifred Dick who oversaw Sacred Heart’s participation in the event.

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