27 New Students Inducted Into National Honor Society

On Thursday, October 20, we celebrated the induction of 27 new students into the National Honor society!

The new inductees represented both the class of 2017 and 2018.

From the class of 2017 we inducted:
Steve Fehrm
Cale Owen Graham
Zhe Wang

From the class of 2018:
Jillian Blake
Caitlin Brown
Mia Camelio
Peter Carchidi
Mary Abigail Chapin
Ian Colletti
Olivia Colombo
Maggie Dakin
Nicholas Fantasia
Sean Flaherty
Teaghan Gokey
Conor Greeley
Zhongshan Gui
Feiyou Guo
Kristen Kline
Aidan MacDonald
Elena Murphy
Tyler Potrykus
Samuel Presutti
Rachel Struski
Zoe Volney
Junjin Wang
Zheyi Wang
Yueyang Zhang

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