Author "Visits" with 4th Grade Class

Mrs. Persechini has partnered with  #KidsNeed Mentors, a free program that pairs authors with classrooms. Her 4th-grade class was matched with author Megan Frazer Blakemore and they are reading her book,The Story Web. On Sept. 26th, the class had a chance to talk with her via Google Hangouts. 

They spent about 30 minutes together and she answered many of the kids' questions about her, her writing habits, and the book they are reading. They were all interested to learn that one of the book's settings, called The Bird House, was inspired by a house she drives by in her hometown in Maine almost every day. They also learned that the woods where much of the story takes place are the woods behind her home. One of the most interesting things they learned was that her characters change as she gets to know them better through the writing process. They had all assumed that an author already has all of their ideas planned before they begin writing. 

Mrs. Persechini says, “It was amazing to have my students be able to have this personal connection with a "real live author" and to get a peek into the writing process. Megan and I have plans to continue connecting throughout the year. She has told us that she wants to read the same books we read as a read-aloud so we can share ideas and reactions. She also wants to connect with the students through their own writing. We are working out the details of how we can make that happen. Thanks to tools like Google Docs and Google Hangouts we can make those connections pretty easily. “

In the photo, you can see the author on screen during the chat with an insert of the children in the classroom.

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