Girls Lacrosse - Off to a Great Start!

Currently, the girls varsity lacrosse team is 4 - 1.  Click "read more" to see game summaries and goal scorers.
1st Game: League April 1-- Opponent: Southeastern
Sacred Heart Varsity: WIN
Final Score  14-0
Goals: Paulina Spacek (1), Hannah Ray (2), Cassie Murphy (3), Grace Dousa (2), Maddie Larsen-Molina(1), Kylee Slavik (3), Yari Nagy(1), Bela Spacek(1)
Assists:  Paulina, Hannah Ray, Grace Dousa, Maddi Larsen-Molina, Yari Nagy,
Goalie: Vallerie Downey; 100% save rate.
Sacred Heart Junior Varsity: WIN
Final Score 7-0
Goals: Talia Albenese (2), Kaylee Egan (2),Jen Buckley (2), Ava Dransfield (1)
Goalie: Ashlynn Mckinlay: 100% save rate
2nd Game: League --April 4- Opponent: Upper Cape

Sacred Heart Varsity: WIN
Final Score: 12-0
Goals: Cassie Murphy (1), Hannah Ray (4), Maddison Larsen-Molina (2), Paulina Spacek(4), Kylee Slavik (3)
Goalie: Vallerie Downey: 100% save rate
3rd Game: NON-League Game-April 5: Div. 2 Abbington
Both JV and Varsity had a tie score for most of the game, right up to the last minute.
These girls are remarkable.  Our JV and 1/4 Varsity are either 1st year players or 2nd year 7/8th grade players. They held a strong defensive wall around the 8th and offense moved the ball quickly around the 12’ .  Also Middies/Defense learned the value of Adjusting their zone strategy (to include Man/Man on top of Arc). 
Sacred Heart JV: WIN 6-5
Goals: Talia Albanese (2), Ava Dransfield (1) , Kaylee Egan(1), Lilly Brooks (1), Jen Buckley(1)
Goalie: Ashlynn Mckinlay: 65% save rate.
Sacred Heart V: Loss 7-6
Goals:  Maddison Larsen-Molina (1), Paulina Spacek(1), Kylee Slavik (2), Grace Dousa (1)
Goalie: Vallerie Downey: 70% save rate.

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