Three Elementary School Students Published in Hutch Magazine

Miranda Miller, Sophie Yamin, and MJ Whitehead who all had work chosen for publication in Hutch Magazine, were invited to The Blue Bunny Bookstore in Dedham for a small party. 
The latest edition was unveiled and each child included in the magazine was personally recognized by Peter Reynolds, received a copy of the magazine, and a certificate.

The theme of the 20th edition of Hutch Magazine was "Celebrating Culture: Mine, Yours, and Ours". Students whose work was chosen were from all around the world (one contributor lives in Japan). 
Miranda Miller wrote a piece entitled "Miranda's Hunch" in which she imagined what would happen "if technology screens vanished". MJ Whitehead wrote "A Taste of England" and described how many of his family's traditions come from his dad who was born in England. He shared a recipe for his favorite - Yorkshire Pudding.
Sophie Yamin wrote "The Culture of Dance" and talked about how dance has created a community where all different people come together to express themselves. She also described all the ways she is able to express her feelings through dance.
Peter Reynolds spoke to all those present about the importance of creativity and about making their mark on the world.

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