Google for Education

Google for Education offers a suite of communication and collaboration tools that allow our students to work directly with teachers and classmates from any device, anywhere, anytime. Google for Education tools help SHES to provide our students with an academic environment infused with technology that inspires creativity and the curiosity to learn. 

SHS students have Google accounts that provide access to Google Drive and Gmail (Gmail for students in grades 4-6 is linked only to teacher Gmail accounts).  Drive accounts are to only be used for school-related projects.  Students should remember that they have signed the Sacred Heart Schools Acceptable Use Policy.

While the Admissions Office sets up Google for Education accounts, SHES students may change their passwords through Mrs. Mathias.

Reminders: Your account address is your first initial and last name - all lower case, no spaces.  Please note that if you have a sibling or if there is another student with the same first initial and last name as you, your username may then be different.  Following your username, the rest of the address is  Please note that this is different from the teacher's accounts (teacher accounts end in Please remember that when accessing your account it may look different on an iPad than it looks on a desktop.  When using the iPads in school (or an iPad at home) it more efficient to use the Google Drive App rather than a browser.  At home, on a desktop, it may be easier to go through a browser in order to access Google. Please remember to always manage your account and to log out, especially on shared devices at school.

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