Argumentation & Debate (726)

Welcome to the world of words, where you can learn for yourself why the pen and
one’s own ability to speak, is mightier than the sword. Students will engage in assignments such as; Group Discussion: where students square off with one another to find solutions to current problems. Through reasoning, research, and persuasive skills, participants will try to provide the best solution. Extemporaneous Speaking: armed with research and allowed preparation time, students talk about the major issues of the day and try to convince us that their argument is the strongest.
Public Forum Debate: beginning with a hotly contested topic, two debate partners will face off against another team, each side taking a different position. Through wit, speaking, and listening skills, the best team wins. This is but a sampling of what awaits you in the ultimate clash between two sides that both believe they have won. (Prerequisite Speech 725) (Grade 8)

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