Visual Arts

Sacred Heart's art program is geared to all students interested in art. Classes accommodate beginning, intermediate and advanced students so that all students have an opportunity to build on their skills and broaden their creativity. An interdisciplinary basis of academic research into art history, general history, literature, science, psychology and various other areas is encouraged and assisted. Teaching methods incorporate the National Art Education Standards to advance skills, understanding, and creativity.

In addition to their classroom studies, Sacred Heart student artists expand their study outside of the classroom and often participate in local, state and national art competitions.

Among them:
  • The Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards
  • Massachusetts Art All-State
  • The Duxbury Art Complex Student Sculpture Competition & Show
  • The Plymouth Guild for the Arts Annual Student Arts Competition & Show
  • Plymouth Cultural Council –“You’ve Gotta Have Arts”
  • Expressways- Student Graphic Arts Group
  • Sacred Heart Student Art Show

Art Club

Sacred Heart's Art Club meets in the art room twice a week after school. In art club, students are given the opportunity to have fun doing their favorite thing in the world... make art! Students are welcome to come by any time to make crafts, create independent projects, or work on the classroom mural.

A Peek at the Work of Our Talented Artists

Sacred Heart Art Shows

Sacred Heart's Annual Art Show, "Through the Looking Class", is held at the Kingston Public Library for the entire month of April. In this show, student artwork is displayed in a public forum where their talent and hard work can reach a wider audience. Artwork from students in grades 7-12 is selected by art teacher, Julie Trahon. Sacred Heart is very proud and supportive of our young artists!

Sacred Heart also has an art show in May in conjunction with Spring Fest; a Sacred Heart tradition of sports, artwork, musical acts and family fun. Artwork for this show is selected by art teacher, Julie Trahon, but all students in grades 7-12 are eligible to enter their artwork. For this event, the school gym is transformed into a gallery space where family and friends can gather to appreciate the arts and support our school artists. Attendees are also given an opportunity to vote for their favorite sculpture in the Sacred Heart sculpture competition. Digital photography students are encouraged to take photographs of attendees at the Spring Fest photo booth. Art Club students participate by working at the face painting and henna booths. All around, Spring Fest is a wonderful event where student artists, musicians, and athletes can share their talents!

Sacred Heart School

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