An independent Catholic learning community, Sacred Heart School prepares young men and women for collegiate success, to think critically, act charitably, and love unconditionally. Students come to Sacred Heart from communities all across the South Shore, South Coast, and Upper Cape. Sacred Heart High School also welcomes international students from countries including China, South Korea, Italy, Spain, and Vietnam.

Students of all faiths are welcome.

At Sacred Heart, character and moral values are taught in a climate that is supportive, caring, and just. Our passionate faculty include Sisters of Divine Providence, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and lay faculty. Focusing on academic, spirutual, and social development, our teachers, administrators, and staff foster the growth of each student as a complete human individual.
With a diverse and challenging preschool through 12th grade curriculum, a Sacred Heart education produces compassionate leaders through the integration of academic and moral development. 

Our Early Childhood Center provides an ideal learning environment for the development and growth of preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten students. Educational enrichment includes Spanish, music, physical education, and library. 

Our Elementary School offers students outstanding resources such as SHERO Robotics, a 3D printer, and a well-equipped science lab to bring our robust STEM curriculum to life. Numerous extracurricular activites as well as training in Spanish, music, art, physical education, and information digital literacy are available to students in all grades.

Our rigourous Secondary School prepares middle and high school students for college and solidifies our mission to serve those in need and live a life in pursuit of morality and social justice.  Our world class science and innovation center prepares students for success in an increasingly STEM-focused world. Special programs such as our nationally-ranked speech and debate team help students hone critical reasoning and communication skills. 

At all levels, we offer a comprehensive educational experience rooted in the Catholic faith, providing a unique understanding of moral imperatives and fostering strong character development.

Sacred Heart School

High School: 781-585-7511
Elementary School: 781-585-2114 
Early Childhood Center: 781-585-2290
Sacred Heart School is a landmark educational institution on the South Shore. Providing students in preschool to grade 12 a top-tier, private, Catholic education for the last 70 years.