Sacred Heart is proud to offer a curriculum that integrates technology from pre-school all the way through grade 12. Part of our goal to provide the highest quality education is ensuring that our students have access to the most cutting edge resources available. Our extensive technology program includes:

  • Full wireless access at the high school
  • Personal Chromebooks for every student and teacher in grades 7-12
  • Apple TVs and projectors in all high school classrooms
  • SMART Boards and Apple TVs in all Elementary School Classrooms
  • Access to iPads for both the Elementary School and the Early Childhood Center
  • Google Apps for Education access for all students and teachers
  • Early exposure and education about technology starting at the Early Childhood Center

Sacred Heart also employs comprehensive content filtering software that restricts illicit material, and ensures the online safety and security of our students. Please note that these filters are only active when accessing the internet from school grounds. 

Our students benefit from an optimized learning environment that takes advantage of our ever-evolving technological landscape.
Through Google Apps for Education starting all teachers and students in grade 7 and up have their own email addresses and access to the Google apps suite which provides:
  • Collaboration and editing tools, and cloud storage for their documents using Google Drive. All accessible through their iPads.
  • Teachers can also create class websites for posting updates, assignments and more!

Review Sacred Hearts Online Safety and Security Policy

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  • Online Safety and Security Policy

    Sacred Heart School is protected by an Enterprise Grade Firewall / Gateway device. This device includes a comprehensive security suite along with a premium content filter. All devices gaining internet access through the Sacred Heart wired & wireless network fall under these content filtering restrictions.

    The SHS content filter is configured to block inappropriate websites and is reviewed regularly. Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are not blocked by the content filter policy. Use of social media is only permitted during school hours when instructed by a teacher and as it pertains to student assignments.

    A student’s iPad is only protected under the content filtering policy of Sacred Heart when they are on School grounds and connected to the Sacred Heart network. When connected to a home or public network the iPad will adhere to the policy of the network it is connected to. For example if there is no content filter on the internet at home the iPad will not be restricted.

    Most home based routers on the market today include a content filter that can be configured to block inappropriate web sites. Linksys, DLink & Netgear are three of the most common brands on the market that offer parental controls.

    Another great way to block inappropriate web content on home networks is through the use of OpenDNS. This company offers a free service as well as a paid offering. Using the OpenDNS web filter will allow you to configure your current equipment, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware. The paid service which costs approximately $20.00 per year also allows you to monitor web usage and block specific sites. More information on OpenDNS as well as installation instructions can be found on their website

    With the increased call for technology integration in education, Sacred Heart School strives to provide a safe learning environment for all of its students. Though web filtering is an important measure in this process, supervision of your student’s device usage and internet activity as well as an open dialogue of appropriate use is encouraged.

Access to SMART Boards and Apple TV

All Elementary School classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards and Apple TVs, enhancing the in-class experience.
  • Students see their subjects come alive, have real-time interaction with concepts, and explore and manipulate lessons based on learning style.
  • Teachers are able to plan more creative lessons, and benefit from immediate access to online resources allowing them to answer questions and provide detailed examples as classroom discussion dictates.

All High School classrooms feature Apple TVs and projectors
  • Work and lessons are wirelessly projected on to screens allowing for better interaction with lessons.
  • TVs can be synced to teacher Chromebooks so they can bring the lesson right to student desks.
  • Teachers can utilize relevant apps, project electronic versions of textbooks, and make real time notes and highlights on projected work.

Our commitment to making our students good digital citizens starts early.

The Early Childhood Center has 2 mobile SMART boards which are shared among the classrooms. Teachers use them to create a more engaging and interactive learning environment for different projects and lessons.

The Elementary School and Early Childhood Center currently have a total of 150 iPads between the 2 Schools. 30 iPads have been assigned to the ECC and 120 for the Elementary. Learning centers have been set up for each classroom with 5 iPads per classroom.

We have installed Apple TV in each classroom to compliment the iPads. This allows for the teachers and students to mirror their work from their iPad to the projector for a more interactive environment.

Sacred Heart School

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Elementary School: 781-585-2114 
Early Childhood Center: 781-585-2290
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