World Languages Overview

As our nation increasingly defines its educational goals in terms of empowering students to reason and think, language becomes a crucial link in attaining these goals. Our students must be able to examine and reflect about the multiple uses of languages in order to participate fully in the diverse discourses, which mark contemporary society. Various computer applications facilitate interactive teaching and learning at all levels. 

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  • Spanish 1 (512)

    Students are introduced to the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as to Spanish Culture and Geography. They will be exposed to vocabulary and grammar skills relative to the elementary level.

    Basic class conversations are used to practice newly acquired vocabulary. Upon completion of the class, students should be able to carry on and to understand conversations as well as read and write short passages.
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  • Spanish 1A (527)

    This course constitutes the first half of Spanish 1, and is intended for the student who plans to complete the first year of the language by the end of grade 8.
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  • Spanish 1B (528)

    This course constitutes the second half of Spanish 1. Students who successfully complete both years of the language are prepared to begin the second level in grade nine.
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  • Spanish 2 (522)

    The students in Spanish 2 will study more intricate grammatical structures, increase and expand their vocabulary, and will develop their comprehension of spoken Spanish and Spanish Culture. Intermediate level reading selections will be introduced and students will be expected to incorporate new verb tenses and grammatical structures into their increasingly complex use of spoken and written Spanish.
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World Language Faculty

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    Emma Jean Middendorf 

  • Lauren Svensen 

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    Nancy Swanson 

    Department Chair
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    David Terkelsen 

  • Brian Woodworth 

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