The mission of the science department is to provide students with the scientific knowledge and skills that will lead them to a greater understanding of themselves, the physical world around them, and their interrelationships with this world. 
Technology and science have each contributed to the advancement of our world throughout the course of history. Better instruments and ways to collect and analyze data have led to significant achievements in the last century. Where desirable and feasible the tools provided by today’s technology are integrated into the science courses.

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  • Grade 7 - Earth Science (611)

    The Earth Science classes are designed to promote an awareness/interest in the four major areas of the subject: astronomy, geology, oceanography, and  meteorology. Besides local application, regional studies from North America and current topics are included. Non-Lab class.
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  • Grade 8 - Physical Science (631)

    Physical Science combines an introduction to chemistry and an introduction to physics, with a stro ng emphasis on the scientific method. The chemistry section explores the nature of matter, the physical and chemical changes that matter can undergo, and the structure of the atom. The course also studies the use, abuse, and means of conserving natural resources (water, fuels, minerals, land). The physics section looks at the concepts of force, work, power, motion, and forms of energy. Non-Lab class. (Prerequisite: Earth Science or Department recommendation.)
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Science Faculty

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    Clair Lombardo 

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