The Religious Studies Department at Sacred Heart High School fosters the holistic formation of the students and school community.  Academic classes immerse students in the study of faith, the Church, Sacred Scripture, inter-religious dialogue, and Catholic Social Teaching.  Opportunities for spiritual growth and charitable service are integrated into coursework, encouraging students to reflect upon and live their faith in service to society.  


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  • Peer Ministry (152)

    Peer Ministry is a half credit Religion elective designed to prepare participants for leadership through service after the pattern of Jesus.

    The course examines how Jesus sought out and uplifted those who were troubled and in need of “Good News.” Theologically the course contains elements of Christology, incarnational spirituality and a pastoral theology of ministry aimed at grounding our works of service. Among the many leadership training modules that are part of the training are skill clusters in active listening and basic counseling techniques, group facilitation, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, assertiveness training, public speaking, project coordination and evaluation, and prayer service preparation and leadership. The course equips students to function effectively as peer mentors for the underclassmen and to serve as a cadre of motivated leaders within the school community during their junior and senior years. (1/2 credit)
  • Discipleship (111)

    Grade 7

    This course engages students in a thorough examination of the Jesus of History and Christ of Faith presented in the Gospels, and the impact of the Risen Jesus in the on-ongoing life of the Church especially as present and active through the Sacraments.
  • The Catholic Church (121)

    Grade 8

    This course draws the students to believe more deeply in Jesus and to commit themselves to Him through a study of His Church and His teachings. The course explores the origins, mission, and expansion of the Church from its birth in the Spirit at Pentecost, through Church history, and into its present and future challenges in trying to bring about the Reign of God. In the context of the Commandments, students delve into areas of Christian moral formation and are introduced to the Church’s teachings on justice and peace.

Religion Faculty

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