In conjunction with the philosophy of Sacred Heart School, the Math Department strives to encourage all students to develop academic ability. Because we recognize individual differences, students are grouped according to mathematical ability and previous achievement. Emphasis is placed throughout the department on college-preparatory courses leading to a comprehensive math experience for all graduates. The use of TI – 84 family of calculators is used throughout the program as has been recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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  • Pre-Algebra 1 Honors (410)

    Grade 7 

    At the conclusion of the Pre-Algebra 1 Honors course students will be evaluated for continuation in the Honors Program. The determination is based on teacher recommendation, course grades, and results of a test administered by the Math Department. Students who are selected for the Honors sequence will take Algebra 1 Honors in the eighth grade and conclude the sequence with Calculus AP in the senior year. Students not selected to continue in the Honors Program will be placed in an Accelerated Program that begins with Algebra 1 in the eighth grade and culminates with Calculus 1 Honors in the senior year. Students may reenter the Honors sequence by participating in the Summer Enrichment Program or showing exceptional achievement in the Accelerated program.
  • Pre-Algebra College Prep (411)

    Grade 7

    This course offers an intensive year of preparation for the study of Algebra. Even though basic skills are reviewed and refined, the emphasis is placed on the teaching of algebraic concepts. Our philosophy is that early introduction to a challenging subject often removes the anxiety factor and provides a smooth transition to college preparatory math. 
  • Beginning Algebra (422)

    Grade 8

    This course is a continuation of the topics taught in Prealgebra I to prepare students for success in Algebra I.
  • Algebra 1 Honors (420)

    Grade 8-9

    This course is an accelerated course in Algebra 1 at the Honors level. Topics covered include real numbers, polynomials, equations and inequalities, graphing systems of equations, irrational numbers, and solution of quadratic equations. The course will end with an introduction to Algebra 2 topics.
  • Algebra 1 College Prep (431)

    Grade 8-9

    This course covers Topics that include real numbers, polynomials, equations and inequations, graphing systems of equations, irrational numbers, and finding solutions of quadratic equations.

Mathematics Faculty

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  • Mike Arria 

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    Craig Lochiatto 

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    Jonathan Olson 

    Department Chair

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