Health and Physical Education

Health and wellness, and physical education constitute a necessary part of the overall school program. These courses develop health literacy, personal physical fitness and enthusiasm for sports.  Our students must be able to recognize their individual impact on their physical, social and emotional health and how this influences their lifestyle choices. Our students will be challenged in a variety of ways that will contribute to the development and maintenance of their physical well being. Students in grades 7 and 8 take physical education unless they are medically excused.  Grade 7 students take physical education all year for ½ credit. And, grade 8 students take a ¼ credit of physical education and a ¼ credit of health for the year.

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  • Health Grade 8 (821)

    8th grade health investigates current topics in society that relates directly to the growth and development of teens.  Students examine positive strategies to live a healthy lifestyle; for example, understanding learning styles, improving nutritional intake, reducing risk of injury, avoiding drugs and alcohol, increasing physical activity, developing healthy relationships and coping effectively with internal and external stressors.  Human sexuality will be taught from current Catholic viewpoints and from the scientific facts of human body systems.
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  • Physical Education Grade 7 (811)

    The purpose of this course is to develop strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness. This course is designed to give students multiple opportunities to be involved in both individual activities and team activities.  Topics such as weight training, yoga, frisbee golf, rugby, mat ball, and many cooperative games are part of this course.
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  • Physical Education Grade 8 (821)

    The purpose of this course is to enhance physical fitness and enable students to make direct choices that will create a positive impact on their attitude toward lifetime fitness.  Students will have options to choice from a list of individual and team activities such as archery, personal strength, speed and agility training, speedball, basketball, tennis, flag football, and handball.
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  • Team Sports (852)

    This course will offer students the chance to participate in 6 to 8 cooperative team sports throughout the year. Students will be expected to coach and officiate within the class and demonstrate mastery in offensive and defensive strategies of sport.

    Topics: Softball, baseball, speedball/soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, flag football, handball, floor hockey. (1/2 credit)
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