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  • Our Mission as a Library System

    While the Sacred Heart Library System is comprised of two separate facilities, the Elementary School Library and the Flaherty Library, both Libraries share the same mission and philosophy.
    The mission of the Sacred Heart Library System is to:

    • Support and enhance the intellectual curiosity of our students, while providing comprehensive, current, and comfortable resource environments.

    • Support the academic goals of the faculty while inspiring our students to be life-long learners and readers through well balanced collections of both electronic and traditional library resources.

    • Reflect our School wide mission that enables students to lead and actively support the future of the Church and global community through the development of their God-given talents

    • Develop skills in accessing information and data efficiently, effectively,  and appropriately.

    The Sacred Heart Library System and its libraries are open to all learning styles and needs.  We pride ourselves on our comfortable and welcoming learning environments.  We are committed to be more than our collections of books!  Our libraries are the hearts of our school community where student life is seen alive, stimulated by knowledge, while gathering and collaborating around new-found information.  Our mission based learning environment supports the student in their present and future academic endeavors through guided learning of databases, scholarly research and the simple pleasures of reading.
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  • Digital Citizenship

    The Sacred Heart Digital Citizenship curriculum foremost reflects our School's Mission Statement striving to "inspire minds, define character and encourage responsible leadership through a curriculum that prepares students to pursue knowledge now and throughout their lives."  We foster safety, extraordinary moral character values and responsible usage of all forms of media at all times.  

    Promoting positive Digital Citizenship is a priority at Sacred Heart Schools, especially in the Library Media Centers.  As part of Sacred Heart Elementary School's Information and Digital Literacy Class, students in Kindergarten - Grade 6 are encouraged to think critically and behave responsibly in the digital world, as well as to use the power of digital media to discover, explore, create, and learn. Common Sense Media curriculum helps form the basis of this program.
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  • Google for Education

    Google for Education offers a suite of communication and collaboration tools that allow our students to work directly with teachers and classmates from any device, anywhere, anytime. Google for Education tools help SHES to provide our students with an academic environment infused with technology that inspires creativity and the curiosity to learn. 

    SHS students have Google accounts that provide access to Google Drive and Gmail (Gmail for students in grades 4-6 is linked only to teacher Gmail accounts).  Drive accounts are to only be used for school-related projects.  Students should remember that they have signed the Sacred Heart Schools Acceptable Use Policy.

    While the Admissions Office sets up Google for Education accounts, SHES students may change their passwords through Mrs. Mathias.

    Reminders: Your account address is your first initial and last name - all lower case, no spaces.  Please note that if you have a sibling or if there is another student with the same first initial and last name as you, your username may then be different.  Following your username, the rest of the address is  Please note that this is different from the teacher's accounts (teacher accounts end in Please remember that when accessing your account it may look different on an iPad than it looks on a desktop.  When using the iPads in school (or an iPad at home) it more efficient to use the Google Drive App rather than a browser.  At home, on a desktop, it may be easier to go through a browser in order to access Google. Please remember to always manage your account and to log out, especially on shared devices at school.
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ES Librarian

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The Sacred Heart Elementary School Library serves students in grades prekindergarten - grade six.  The Library consists of both "The Stacks" and "The Resource Room."  

The Resource Room is where students in kindergarten through grade six enjoy weekly Information and Digital Literacy classes. The Resource Room is a 1:1 chromebook classroom, complete with a state-of-art smartboard and comfortable seating.  The Library contains approximately 11,000 volumes, as well as an exciting makerspace called the Wisdom Wall.

HS Librarian

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The Flaherty Library serves students in grades 7 to 12. The library houses 15,000 volumes, 10 computer stations, a smart board, Apple TV, wireless color printing, along with school wide WIFI access for IPAD use and access to our databases. The comfortable seating for private study and many Round Table conference tables support our unique learning environment and welcoming community.
During the year the Flaherty Library hosts digital literacy and media training classes.  We also host many cultural and social events from poetry/literary events to music and art shows.  We are open from 7 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday during the academic school year.

Sacred Heart School

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Sacred Heart School is a landmark educational institution on the South Shore. Providing students in preschool to grade 12 a top-tier, private, Catholic education for the last 70 years.