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  • AP Computer Science Principles

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  • Computer Science

    A basic knowledge of the computer, its operating system(s), its role in a network and as a gateway to the World Wide Web is essential in today’s world. Facility in the use of the computer as an aid to research, as a tool in preparing reports and completing educational assignments is a graduation requirement.
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  • Instructional Technology - Grade 7 (689)

    This is a comprehensive course to enhance a student's knowledge and ability to work with a computer. During the course of the year, students will work in various areas of technology and the wonderful aspect about this course is that every student can excel. This class is project based enabling the students to  learn  by  doing  with the use of technology. Creativity, collaboration, critical  thinking  and  exploration is encouraged. Students will use a PC platform and iPads to create, which enables them to build on skills while seeing the differences between the two platforms. In addition, the class will cover CONFU guidelines, digital footprint, digital citizenship, web page, evaluations, info graphics, blogs, research, many apps and much more.
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  • Instructional Technology - Grade 8 (692)

    This is a continuation of Computer Science 689. During Computer Science 692 students will continue working with Microsoft products such as Excel and FrontPage. Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. Students will work with functions such as creating formulas and charts/graphs to create professional looking spreadsheets. FrontPage is Microsoft’s software for creating Websites. Students will learn how to create Websites using FrontPage and some HTML programming.
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  • Introduction to Computer Programming (694) (Grade 11 & 12)

    This course provides students the opportunity to learn basic computer programming concepts and then to follow up with Java or python programming language to transition to more commercially used languages. This course is designed to be a “gentle introduction” to the fundamentals of computer programming, which is the foundation of Computer Science. Students will design, write, and debug computer programs. No knowledge of programming is assumed. (1/2 credit)
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  • Video and Editing (717)

    This course will offer students an introduction into video editing and production and will give students an opportunity to explore a variety of other technology and media mediums such as live streaming and internet radio. Over the course of the year, students will be expected to take part in productions that include roles both in front of and behind the camera. Therefore, not only will the student learn how to film, edit, and produce videos on both mac and pc platforms, but they will be expected to star in these productions as well. (1/2 credit) (9-12)
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  • Virtual High School (VHS) (687)

    VHS classes are a unique way for students to participate in courses that will enrich their school career by gaining essential 21st century learning skills, such as multimedia presentation, online collaboration, communication, and team-building. All classes offered through VHS are online, however our students will have the opportunity to work with teachers and students from around the world because VHS is global. In order for students to succeed in VHS, students must take pride in their ability to motivate themselves, have self- discipline, and have great time management skills. Each class runs for fifteen weeks and has no holidays or vacations since it’s all done online.
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