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KIBO is integrated into the classroom curriculum of Sacred Heart Kindergarten class. In this inital stage, students learn the foundations of engineering, robotics, and programming. KIBO learning follows students to elementary school where they hone their skills and add new ones with a curriculum that grows and adapts with the students' skill level.
Additionally, this educational model allows older students the opportunity to mentor their younger peers, who are just starting out in robotics. These connections are invaluable to both groups and enrich the experience as a whole.

Storytime with KIBO

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KIBO is...

KIBO is a robot kit specifically designed for children aged 4-7 years old. It is different from any other kit out there because it appeals to both technically minded kids and those that connect more to arts and culture or physical activity. Young children learn by doing. Children build their own robot with KIBO, program it to do what they want, and decorate it. KIBO gives children the chance to make their ideas physical and tangible — exactly what their young minds and bodies need. And KIBO does all this without requiring screen time from PCs, tablets or smartphones.

With KIBO, young children can become programmers, engineers, designers, artists, dancers, choreographers and writers. And unlike other activity kits out there, KIBO is based on over 15 years of research in learning technologies and child development at Tufts University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the Value of Teaching Robotics to Young Children Today?

    Robotics brings together atoms and bits–the physical world and computational world.
    We are surrounded by technology, smart phones, smart faucets, automatic doors. But in the early years, children learn very little about how these things work.

    Research shows that young children can learn programming and engineering at a very early age. This is possible when children are given developmentally appropriate tools, that encourage open-ended play and that allow the integration of technical skills with expressive arts, math, literacy and cultural explorations.

    Young kids learn by doing. They learn best by playing with physical objects: by making things, testing things. To learn programming and engineering, they need materials designed in the spirit of traditional learning manipulatives in early childhood (physical, as opposed to on-screen) Children engage in playful learning, cultivate their curiosity for the technological world, explore problem solving, and understand concepts such as sequencing, cause-and-effect, programming, sensors and motors.
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  • How is KIBO Tied to the School's Overall Technology Curriculum?

    KIBO helps to lay the foundation for understanding the fundamentals of programming, coding, and robotics engineering. Kindergarten students enter into elementary school with an expanded technology vocabulary and a preliminary grasp of concepts that they'll continue to apply right on through high school!
    Elementary school students are simultaneously engaged in our Information and Digital Literacy program. These courses teach them the skills they need to leverage all the resources technology can offer, and to use them safely and responsibly. This increasingly important skill-set provides them with a solid foundation for the advanced research and work they’ll do within our challenging High School curriculum.
    Our Computer Science program, which will now include an AP level course, will prepare them for college level work in an academic world that becomes more technological everyday.
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