Sacred Heart recognizes the importance of the developmental possibilities of students of high school age. The first glimmers of freedom of choice and the building of personal and physical skills present to students the wonders of the world in which they will spend the rest of their lives. The complexity of these choices inevitably results in successes or failures, which at every level of student development becomes part of the fiber, of the person, of each student. Each success and each failure helps the student move to maturity. Each life event has the possibility of building, for the student, a basis of evaluation, analysis and value judgment. Sacred Heart’s dictum of “Learn how to learn; learn how to evaluate and learn how to decide” has proved to be a consistent directive for the school.

While the graduate has garnered achievement of academic knowledge, their understanding of themselves and their relationship to their God, their teachers and fellow students has grown apace. At graduation the student will not have reached the maturity of a college graduate. The complexities of the world, its political realities, its economic practices, its technical ambiguities remain. The confidence built over the high school years adds greatly to the ability to learn, to evaluate and to make value-based decisions that are thoughtful and insightful in their life situations.

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  • Openness to learning, growth and change. (Learn More)

    Openness to learning, growth and change - the Sacred Heart graduate has begun to take an active responsibility for personal growth.

    The graduate is beginning:
    • to understand and to value the God given resources of nature to participate actively in religious, social and academic growth
    • to recognize and accept personal talents and limitations
    • to be open to others’ points of view and to learn from peers
    • to grow socially, academically and physically through participation in activities, school organizations and athletics

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  • Analytical, evaluative and practical skills and attitudes. (Learn More)

    Analytical, evaluative and practical skills and attitudes - at Sacred Heart the graduate has begun to use those acquired intellectual skills as a foundation for more advanced learning and the need for intellectual integrity in religious and socio-economic truths. The graduate:
    • is developing an acuity in critical thinking, evaluation and decision making
    • is developing a learning style and a curiosity for ideas and processes
    • is developing precision in presentation of factual materials, in writing and in speaking
    • is open to the creative process and to a personal development in the arts, in theater, forensics and in literary composition

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  • Acquirement of substantive knowledge and information. (Learn More)

    Acquirement of substantive knowledge and information - the Sacred Heart graduate will continue the life-long process of acquiring and evaluating knowledge. The graduate:
    • has learned the basic material of each discipline, its relationship with other disciplines and the inter-relationship that exists from one discipline to another
    • is developing an understanding of cultural heritage through languages, the arts and sciences
    • is developing an understanding of human rights, prejudice, and the functioning of human societies
    • is able to confront the moral complexities of the current cultures, explore an understanding of rights and responsibilities as a citizen of the United States and of a global community
    • is open to responsible leadership in confronting violence, prejudice and injustice
    • is developing an understanding of the global scope of social and ecological problems

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  • Religious knowledge, understanding and experience. (Learn More)

    Religious knowledge, understanding and experience - the Sacred Heart graduate will have a solid foundation in doctrine and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and a comparative knowledge of other major world religions. The student will also have examined his or her own religious conscience, spiritual growth, and relationship with an all-provident God. Specifically, the student at graduation:
    • has been exposed to the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • has a critical understanding of the scriptures and of the Church’s teaching about Jesus Christ and his redemptive mission.
    • has participated in a variety of prayer experiences.
    • would continue developing a personal relationship with God through prayer and the Liturgy.
    • is aware and respectful of other religions and their beliefs in justice and love for all men.
    • can reason through moral issues and make evaluations based on scripture.
    • exhibits in a practical way an understanding of social justice and the appropriate teachings of the Catholic Church.
    • is open to the influence of God’s provident care in an individual life.
    • is developing an acuity in critical thinking, evaluation and decision making.
    • is developing a learning style and a curiosity for ideas and processes.
    • is developing precision in presentation of factual materials, in writing and in speaking.
    • is open to the creative process and to a personal development in the arts, in theater, forensics and in literary composition.

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  • Awareness of personal development. (Learn More)

    Personal Development - the Sacred Heart graduate has moved from the egocentrism of adolescence to a more mature level of understanding and has taken an interest in developing trusting relationships with others. The graduate:
    • has made significant progress in establishing a personal identity
    • has participated in a variety of non-academic experiences with his peers
    • has developed an awareness of adult relationships, of family member, friends, peers and mentors
    • has begun to confront personal prejudices
    • consciously seeks to be more understanding of others
    • feels at ease with persons of the opposite sex
    • has developed compassion for victims of life’s inequities
    • has extended themself for the school and continues to build up the school community through service
    • has begun to appreciate the satisfaction of giving of oneself for others
    • has learned to appreciate the beauty of the universe and is sensitive to caring for the environment

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  • Responsible action toward justice. (Learn More)

    Responsible action toward justice issues - from the beginnings of the school the Sisters of Divine Providence, following the example of their founder, Bishop Ketteler, have been committed to responsible social action and the building of a humane, civic and ecclesiastical community respectful of a unified ethic of life. The Sacred Heart graduate, recognizing that injustices exist in the social order, has begun to acquire motivation and skills necessary to commit to doing justice. The graduate:
    • is more aware of personal attitudes and tendencies which lead one to treat others unjustly
    • is beginning to see that commitment to Christian faith implies commitment to a just society.
    • is beginning to confront the ambiguity imbedded in the values promoted by western culture.
    • is beginning to realize that the values of a consumer society are sometimes in conflict with the demands of a just society.
    • is beginning to understand the complexities of the many social issues and the need for critical reading of diverse sources of information is growing in awareness of the global nature of current social problems
    • is beginning to understand one’s obligations to participate in the building of a just world
    • is beginning to see the importance of public opinion and voter influence on public policy in local, regional, national and international arenas
To describe a Sacred Heart graduate we have chosen those qualities that are desirable in the developmental years of high school and continue throughout adult life. While they may not be fully developed at Sacred Heart during the high school years, the school believes that these qualities are necessary to enjoy sharing the life of Christ to the fullest extent possible.

In partnership with the graduate's family, Sacred Heart offers an academically challenging education, a safe and reliable program which allows the adolescent to develop and thrive. The specific areas of concentration that Sacred Heart highlights in the Profile of a Graduate are in keeping with the school’s Mission Statement. Along with family, Sacred Heart plays an ongoing role in the life of each graduate. This role is fulfilled by relationships formed with the faculty, with classmates and peers, and an institutional “belonging” relationship formed with loyalty and devotion to the school. Through personal, academic and spiritual support Sacred Heart will continue to offer its graduates an environment of “Veritas et Caritas” - the reality of life with affection, truth; and esteem for each graduate, charity.

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