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World Languages    

The study of a foreign language is a highly practical skill, whether in the rooms where standardized tests are administered or in the world at large.  But at its best, it's more than that.  A student who discovers a new language opens a door to thought and culture -- riches best discovered in their native tongues.  Just as a young child enters a new dimension when he or she learns to speak, a student enters a new world upon mastering a new language.  Sacred Heart High School's World Languages Department is proud to offer courses in French, German, Latin and Spanish that range from introductory first steps to Honors and AP level mastery.  

Students begin the study of World Languages in seventh grade by taking courses in French, Latin, or Spanish. Students entering Sacred Heart High School with advanced standing, having successfully completed one full year of a second language by grade eight, continue to levels two and three during grades nine and ten, earning the minimum of two credits required for graduation. With the increasing proficiency requirements of college and universities from incoming freshmen, Sacred Heart strongly recommends the full sequential program of four or five years of study.

The study of the German Language and culture offers increased access to international business and European travel.  Enrollment in the German program, Levels 1 and 2 is offered to Juniors and Seniors as well as any Freshman and Sophomores new to Sacred Heart High School. Students new to Sacred Heart High School may use the 2 credits from German I & II to fulfill the graduation requirement. Department approval is required.



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